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Divorce with Joy for A Drama Free Divorce

Getting a Divorce: Divorce Advice FAQs

Is this book written for men or women?

Yes! This book is universal.  It has practical tools that apply no matter the gender of the reader.  Granted, much of this book is my perspective and, by necessity, my perspective is female.  However, I represent men and women equally in divorces.  My professional perspective is very gender neutral. I… Read the full answer →

Is it worth spending the money for this book?

My intention is for those considering separating from their spouse or otherwise contemplating divorce to buy this book as a first step.  I think if you read it before making any big moves, you may view the situation differently and move forward in a more productive way.  This book is,… Read the full answer →

What practical tools does Divorce with Joy provide?

Initially in Divorce with Joy, I share my personal experiences with divorce.  I explain how I created an environment which helped process the emotions of the separation from my Husband without destroying our family.  A huge component of my personal divorce was my “Board of Directors.”  I call these people… Read the full answer →

Do my children have to be from a broken home?

There is hope. Divorce does not have to be an unyielding trauma that destroys families. In 10 years of practicing law, I witnessed the pain of divorce and children who suffered because parents did not have the tools to put their children above their own emotional process. When faced with… Read the full answer →

What is Divorce with Joy?

Divorce with Joy is a step-by-step process for a drama free divorce. I encourage you to exit the drama train to nowhere. My legal process of divorce lasted 34 days. We are not a broken home. I share with you my journey to a healthier family. I open my heart… Read the full answer →